Replica watches-Cartier is a top brand and Rolex is a luxury brand

I often watch friends who read various versions of watch brand rankings and ask me why no matter what watch brand ranks Cartier is one level higher than Rolex? Many people even thought that Cartier belonged to the category of fashion replica watches.

Purely from the current replica watches positioning situation, Cartier is a top brand and Rolex is a luxury brand. There is indeed a disparity in positioning between the two. The main reason may be that Rolex does not have complicated watches, such as the research and development of high-end dazzling technology products such as tourbillons and minute repeaters. Rolex¡¯s early positioning has always been high-end tool watches, and more complicated watches mainly use dual time zones And timing.

Cartier has been quite successful in the high-end watchmaking industry. As early as ten years ago, Cartier's eccentric tourbillon and miniature tourbillon were admired by peers at various watch exhibitions. Cartier is also a leader in high-end craftsmanship that top luxury brands like Minute Repeater with Tourbillon pursue.

People's misunderstanding of Cartier is mainly because from the price of entry-level watches, Rolex's entry-level models are much higher than Cartier. And replica Rolex¡¯s popular models are often hard to find and require a price increase. From the entry-level movement, Cartier's previous entry-level quartz movement and mechanical movement are all ETA movements.

Of course, it cannot be said in general terms that replica Cartier and Rolex are better than either. With the differentiation of product positioning, timepieces have evolved from pure timing tools to wearable luxury goods. Both are high-end watches, and Cartier is more adept at the integration of watches and jewelry. And Rolex pays attention to the high-end practical function table.

The main consumer groups of replica Cartier watches are mainly women, and many old watch friends are men. Therefore, it is difficult for them to accept the fact that replica Cartier is one level higher than Rolex is understandable. The main function of the watch now is not just to look at the time. From a fair perspective, if the brand value is removed, Swiss mechanical replica watches should have been eliminated long ago. So, which one would you choose between Cartier and Rolex?